Sunday, August 26, 2012

Scrapbook Hoarder's Ultimate Garage Sale Photo Competition

The winner of The Scrapbook Hoarder's Ultimate Garage Sale photo competition is Susan Hahaj! We have your gift certificate ready for you at The Crafty Scrapper. :)

Thank you to everyone that participated! We loved seeing the pics of your stash! :) If you're one of our fans who couldn't bring yourself to post a pic of your stash it might be time for you to sign up for The Scrapbook Hoarder's Ultimate Garage Sale hosted by The Crafty Scrapper. :)

The date is Saturday, September 15th and you don't have to be present to participate. Call the store to get a vendor number 972-923-3151.

ONLY loose items (paper, pens, bulk items) need to be in ziplock bag. All other items are fine as long as they have your 2x3 card taped to the item. We will also be open late Wednesday the 12th until 8pm for drop off and the 19th for pick up.

We're looking forward to this fun event!!


DeeDee said...

congrats Susan....!!

BethW said...

Congrats Susan-you earned this one!

Suzie Button said...

I won?!! Yay!! My daughter will love this one! She now has proof positive I am a craft hoarder! The room has improved a lot since this picture in April. I did have a cleansing and a new organization system put in. It's much better, unless I'm crafting, LOL! Susan

Marissa Colfry said...

Lol congrats Susan!

Marissa Colfry said...

Congrats Susan!