Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Most of you received the daily emails on the 12 days of Christmas sale. Some never received the emails but wanted us to post the Santa story.......


On the first day of Christmas
Santa thought he'd make a book,
so he sent out his elves
to have them take a look

They came back all excited from our crafty little store
All the albums in the store are 40% off
no need to look for more...


On the second day of Christmas
Old Santa started scrapping
"I need some special papers"
and not the kind for wrapping"....

The elves headed back to Carolyn's store
and as luck would have it,the paper now was 40 - off...
a bit of Christmas magic?

Day 3…..

When scrapbook fever hits, it can be lots of fun.
Santa couldn't think of toys until his book was done.

With pages looking empty, Santa was getting sicker
"If only I could find a place with lots and lots of stickers."
"We know just the place, boss. The walls are lined with packs.
Just grab that empty toy bag and put it out our backs"

Day 4…..

"What now, what now" said Old Saint Nick. "I want to do some more"
"Go to Crafty Scrapper, be the first one in the door"
"Pick up some inks and pens and paint.
The fourth day of Christmas will be so great!"

Day 5….

The elves woke up early and completed all their chores.
They knew that all they'd need that day, would be at their favorite store.

They would wait outside the wooden doors until they were unlocked.
but, coming on to College street, they had quite a shock.

Parked outside of 308, they saw the sleigh they knew.
It was loaded up with packs of glass, memory frames and capsules too.

Day 6….

On the sixth day of Christmas, the elves squealed with delight
"Chipboard is on sale today" They yelled with all their might.
With many things to choose from, they stopped to make a call.
"I just got off the phone with Santa, he said to buy them all"

Day 7….

Mrs Claus asked Santa "What else does Carolyn sell?
Does she have the Ten Seconds metals that cover things so well?"
"She does" Said Mr Claus. "It's made by Cheryl D. and Megan"
"Better hurry!... and take the station wagon"

Day 8……

On the 8th day of Christmas, Santa was a wreck.
"What to do, what to do, Oh..I've forgotten glue!"
Of course, the elves were sent to town to pick up what he'd need.
They went as fast as elves could go, but they didn't want to speed.

Day 9……..

The elves were oh so tired. "We've been busy day and night,
While Santa plays with all the things we pick up at the shop."
We'll make lots of cards and tags- That will be our play
We'll use all the stamps we bought at the big sale today

Day 10….

Even Santa has a list of things he wants each year.
The elves went to town again along with eight reindeer.
Ruler, scissors, sanding block, and a fancy paper folder
were all on Santa's wish list.... a special, special order

Day 11……

Metal corners, frames and keys were perfect for the cover.
He needed other goodies too. This book was like no other.
Some eyelets and some brads would be perfect on his pages.

Day 12…..

Santa had to make another trip to finish up his gift.
Some flowers, leaves and sparkly bling would give it such a lift.
He'd worked so hard, just one more day to make it oh so right
He'd have to finish up before tomorrow night

Christmas day, he couldn't wait
It was a such a special date.
He had made this gift in just 12 days, he kept up quite a pace.
In his mind he saw the look upon her face.

She opened up the gift from him and memories flooded in.
She looked up into Santa's face and saw his great big grin!
The book he made gave her pause...
This scrapbook made for Mrs Claus.

Remember this at Christmas time and at year's end
The best gifts in this world are our family and friends.

Merry Christmas from the Crafty girls,
Carolyn, Sherri, Marylou, Annette and Keri

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