Monday, October 19, 2009

Miles and Miles ...

... of Texas. Well, that may be how the song goes, but today, it was miles of Dew Drops & Tear Drops.

I am not sure whether Carolyn ordered EVERY color, but it has got to be close!

Along with the cool drops, Tim Holtz ideology, Memory Makers Glass, Memory Capsules and metal tape have also been restocked. Rock Candy Stickles is back in stock, although as fast as it has been selling, we're not sure how long it will be here.

We are proud to be one of the stores to bring in papers from a brand new company. Nikki Sivils is a Texas designer who has opened her own company. We have four lines of this brand which came in today as well. The paper is double sided. Each line comes with a 6 x 6 "mini paddie", strips and images that can be cut out. Our pictures cannot do the colors justice, but to give you an idea of the papers, here you go...

Henry's Brilliance:

Victoria''s House:
North Pole Nights:

My Sweet Cherry Pie:

There are some unique embellishments and chipboard books too. Here are a couple of them:
The perfect crown for a prince or princess!

We also put out some new chipboard books from Heart of Texas. This Big Texas Book and the add-on kit is sure to be a really popular one. We also received 'Our Home', the Megaphone and others.

Leather and chipboard pieces to make one great Texas book. Wow, the store just keeps getting more and more great stuff!

Yee Haw! (Texan for "how exciting") Later---Sherri

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Dee Dee said...

Love the new Nikki Silva stuff! :)