Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I am a bad blogger........

....things have been so crazy, with all the product coming in, classes, and I have had to start on GASC. Yes we are doing it again, and wait until you see the classes we are teaching with Cheryl from TSS. Caroline from Maya Road is going to sponsor us and hopefully help teach a class or two. If you want to take the class, hurry, 2 have already sold out!

Last year we had a VERY special customer that had heard of us and traveled all the way from Italy, and no that's not Italy, Texas. She and her husband come to the states to shop. She looks for scrapbook supplies and he looks for great music stores. I wanted to share this layout she sent me of their visit.
Awesome layout! I am loving the Texas state and stitching...thanks for sharing Francesca, cannot wait to see you guys again!


Francesca said...

wow, and double wow, Thanks for posting my Layout!! It's a great pleasure!!!!

Dee Dee said...

Wow, how cool! Love the stitching. Hope GASC goes smoothly this year.