Sunday, September 16, 2007

Flocked SEI!!

Hi friends! Hope you've all had a great weekend - I know I have! I was able to catch up on a few projects I've had in mind.

Yesterday I stopped in the shop to drop off some store display projects with Annette and I picked up a couple sheets of the new flocked SEI paper. Oh my GOSH, is this stuff fun! The darker areas on this paper are the flocked parts -- when you rub your fingers over it you can feel that it's fuzzy.

I thought this paper would be PERFECT for a cute little box or bag - something special. Then I remembered that my friend Leigh made a super cute little tote template. I asked her permission to make her tote just for a store display, to show just how CUTE these papers are for 3D projects. I ended up altering her template a bit, but it's close enough to call it a "Leigh Tote".

There are lots of tote templates available online; if you need one you'll find lots of samples here. PaperCrafts magazine had one in the spring of last year -- I found it here. Super cute, and so easy!!

I also made a card using other papers in the flocked SEI line. I really like the graphic quality of the paper. Very 1960's ... they say everything that's old is new again. We see that true in papercrafts as well. I think it's great...but oh my, I think I can do without reliving the era of parachute pants and 80's hair.


Sherri said...

oh I so hope that the pants and hair don't come back!! of course, there are other styles that are out there too. Love the tote!! can't wait to see the paper!

annetteprudhomme said...

This blows me away! It looks so 60's. I'm going to NYC this weekend. Perhaps I should carry your tote and show up the high-stylin' New Yorkers! lol

Tex said...

You're absolutely right! Darling paper for this very "special" project! I didn't even see these papers last week at my LSS! Hummmph!

:o) Tex